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Mobile and Wireless Data Communication Products

Mobile and Wireless Data Communication Suites

Smartronix has taken its extensive knowledge of network security integration to the next level by providing a line of mobile security suites. These portable security systems can be easily adapted to meet your mobile security requirements. Whether you are providing Internet connectivity to a tradeshow, conference, or other temporary facility, Smartronix has a solution to satisfy your needs.

Rugged & Deployable Data Communication Products

Rugged & Deployable Data Communication Products

Smartronix designs and develops a variety of Rugged and Deployable solutions for mission critical requirements. These products were primarily developed as custom solutions for unique, end-user requirements and are capable of being modified for other end-users, as required.

Smartronix Rugged and Deployable Solutions include our Stress Relief™ product line, which provides critical protection for ruggedized laptop interfaces, including PCMCIA cards, and can also be used to house integrated electronics for expanding the laptops functionality, which includes providing for additional communication interfaces such as standard serial and USB interfaces.

Other Rugged and Deployable Solutions Smartronix provides include Night Vision and Neutral Filters for laptops, power converters, and wireless adapters for laser range finders.

Typical Rugged and Deployable Solution customers are clients who have a requirement to utilize rugged laptops in a harsh or covert operating environment, while maintaining connectivity to a variety of communications equipment. Repeat customers also include aviation clients who utilize our solutions via 1553 connectivity.

Computer and Network Test and Management Products

Computer and Network Test and Management Tools

Smartronix has developed easy to use, cost effective, network diagnostic tools and other commercial solutions. Superloopers™ - a simple cable tester on a key chain – Serial Analyzers are just some of the products that can be purchased online at SmartronixStore web site.