Smartronix is a U.S. based, highly regarded information technology (IT) and engineering solutions provider specializing in Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security, Systems Integration, Worldwide C5ISR and Data Analytics, and Mission-Focused Engineering. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Maryland, Smartronix has more than 10 operating offices with approximately 800 employees at strategic locations worldwide. Across today's demanding and ever-changing technology and warfare landscapes, we continue to provide innovative, secure, and agile solutions that transform and modernize operations and contribute to our national security and well-being.

Smartronix offers competitive benefits, excellent work environments, and growth opportunities for our employees while continuing to expand operations and support our communities. We have more than 25 years of rapid and consistent growth with continuous recognition as an employer-of-choice technology company. In addition, we have earned coveted industry quality and business certifications; have a strong commitment to business partnerships, ethics, compliance, and sustainability; and have a multitude of premier contracting vehicles. The combination of these attributes allows us to provide sound, repeatable business solutions yet remain flexible and agile to quickly adapt to specific customer requirements.

Committed to ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction, Smartronix is structured around the programs and technologies we support to provide optimal and seamless operations. We have maintained a reputation for excellence, helping to assure the missions of our Department of Defense, Public Sector, Fortune 1000, and other Government and commercial customers.

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