Smartronix Awarded Moody AFB Emergency Mgt Tool and AF Civil Engineer System Interface Update Contract

Shalimar, Florida – 02 February 2009 – Smartronix is pleased to announce the award of the Moody AFB Emergency Management Tool and Air Force Civil Engineer System (ACES) Interface Update contract located at Moody AFB, Georgia.

The emergency management response tool used by Moody AFB is a Web-based mapping portal used to assist first responders addressing emergency situations, assist facilities in complying with emergency management requirements, and provide better situational awareness to the communities of interest. The tool will provide the flexibility needed to rapidly activate and respond to critical functions needed in the event of an emergency by connecting emergency responders with critical and actionable information before, during, and after an incident.

These tools will allow event leaders to enhance the overall emergency management processes and controls by incorporating a Web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping system and standard interface that can be shared with any user that has connectivity to the Moody AFB intranet. Timely information sharing is a key component of any emergency event and these tools will help to significantly improve situational awareness on the Air Force installation. Also, integrated into these tools is the ability to support an atmospheric dispersion model used for evaluating releases of hazardous chemical vapors often referred to as ALOHA. Smartronix’ effort will incorporate an update of the ACES interface providing an automatic download of real property and project management information. This information will be linked to the existing Moody AFB (GIS) to create improved reports and geospatial views.

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