USAF Battlefield Air Operations Kit Analysis and Evaluation Contract Awarded to Smartronix

Chantilly, VA – 03 June 2008 – Smartronix, an established and well regarded developer of rugged and deployable solutions for mission critical requirements, is proud to announce the award of the USAD Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) Kit Analysis and Evaluation contract. The contract allows Smartronix to provide short term, rapid analysis of current and planned system hardware, architecture, and integration of man-portable combat controller equipment and software. Smartronix is tasked to analyze technical specifications, drawings, and actual hardware and software as carried by Air Force combat controllers. According to Alan Parris, EVP/Director of Engineering Solutions, "Smartronix is tremendously excited about the opportunity to work more closely with the battlefield airmen community and we know our unique engineering capabilities will have a positive impact on the successful performance of their important mission."