Smartronix Awarded Air Force Contract for Tactical Radio Intelligent Cables

California, Maryland - 10 November 2006 – The Smartronix Engineering Solutions Group recently was awarded a contract by the Air Force for their new Radio Data Adapter (RDA) Cable that interfaces with the Harris PRC-117F military radio. With the addition of the RDA Cable, Smartronix has added to its already impressive line of tactical military products supporting our troops overseas fighting the Global War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The multi-functional RDA cable is designed to simplify radio operations by allowing a computer to perform four different radio interface tasks using a single USB connection. This solution reduces cost, weight, power requirements (extends laptop battery life), and complexity by combining several existing cables into one multi-functional "intelligent" cable. The Engineering Solutions Group currently is working on solutions for other radios as well, including the Harris PRC-150 and Thales PCR-148.