Smartronix Acquires Health Information Technology Company

Hollywood, MD – 11 August 2010 – Smartronix announced today that it has acquired Cogon Systems, Inc., to expand its growing health information technology portfolio. The new company operating as Cogon Systems, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smartronix led by Cogon’s current CEO, Dr. Huy Nguyen.

Founded by Dr. Huy Nguyen, M.D., Cogon facilitates healthcare connectedness by way of its value-driven innovations and comprehensive thought leadership. Through its Virtual Health Network (VHN) platform, a SOA-based architecture using an enterprise service bus that provides business logic flexibility, network scalability, data interoperability, and application extensibility, Cogon is committed to facilitating value based healthcare. The VHN is implemented with basic services that enhance the exchange of health information supporting referral management of patients who receive care from multiple providers. These basic services include continuity of care information, patient demographic and administrative information, diagnoses/problem lists, providers, allergies, medications, laboratory results, radiology results, previous procedures, and clinical notes. Currently, Cogon's VHN allows for the first time sharing of tens of thousands of health records between the Department of Defense and commercial hospitals. Leveraging Smartronix’ business maturation, growth in the federal healthcare, and its expertise in network operations and cyber-security, Cogon is well positioned to provide premium services in the federal health sector.

Smartronix CEO John Parris said "The addition of Cogon, its visionary leadership, and its intellectual property are a great compliment to Smartronix' growing health information technology business. We are confident that our network operations, enterprise software solutions, and cyber security core competencies will assist in leveraging and augmenting Cogon Systems’ Virtual Health Network platform."