Smartronix Radio Data Adapter (RDA™) Cable Now PDA-184 Compatible

The addition of DISA’s PDA-184 software to the RDA cable makes it the only data cable needed for tactical radio communications.
Hollywood, MD – 14 May 2010 – DISA PDA-184 software has recently been added to the long list of Smartronix RDA Cable capabilities. PDA-184 software enables high speed data transfer with an intuitive GUI. Pairing the capabilities of PDA-184 with the RDA cable increases operator flexibility and provides the war fighter with an extremely useful tool for their tactical radio arsenal. The RDA cable supports the following radios: PRC-117G and PRC-117F, PRC-150, PRC-152, ARC-210, ARC-231, PSC-5, PRC-148, and SINCGARS.

The multi-functional RDA cable is designed to simplify radio operations by allowing a computer to perform up to five different radio interface tasks using a single USB connection. A typical RDA cable employment scenario consists of the operator using the RDA to load a mission plan into the radio over the remote control port, receive updated execution orders with PDA-184 software and then implement Cursor on Target (CoT) machine-to-machine close air support over the synchronous port. Remote control, asynchronous and synchronous data transfer via the same cable! No other single tactical radio data cable gives the warfighter this degree of multi-function flexibility. Users of the RDA cable will immediately increase mission effectiveness and reduce operational downtimes because of the RDA cable’s ability to perform several different mission sets without requiring the operator to stop and physically reconfigure data cables. Low power requirements extend laptop battery time.

"Combining DISA's PDA-184 software with the Smartronix RDA Cable significantly increases operational capability while simultaneously decreasing the physical footprint and weight required to be carried by the dismounted operator" said Steven Bishop, Director of Engineering Solutions at Smartronix. "To the forward deployed warfighter, 'ounces equal pounds', and so equipment like the Smartronix RDA Cable becomes paramount in the effort to provide lighter and leaner technology supporting simplified combat operations."