Smartronix Achieves Fully Qualified Navy Certification Agent Status

California, Maryland and Arlington, Virginia – 15 December 2008 – Smartronix has achieved recognition as a Fully Qualified Navy Certification Agent by the Navy Certification Authority (CA), SPAWAR, of San Diego, California. SPAWAR recommends that Navy Program Managers hire and employ qualified Certification Agents and publishes a Fully Qualified Certification Agent listing as a resource for locating Navy CA-endorsed contracting candidates. To achieve the designation of preferred providers of Information Assurance (IA) and Certification& Accreditation (C&A) services, Smartronix professionals in offices located in California, Maryland and Arlington, Virginia, successfully demonstrated expertise in the field through achievement of industry certifications, academic credentials, and extensive experience in IA/C&A and those disciplines as they apply to Navy systems and networks.

Within the Navy, Smartronix assists multiple Program Management Activities within Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Naval Research Lab (NRL), and Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) through the complexities of the C&A process and performs full-spectrum IA support, including documentation development, systems security engineering, certification testing, and risk assessment/mitigation. Smartronix Navy Program Director, Lee Platt, commented on the company’s achievement by saying "Smartronix has a commitment to support the highest level certifications, education and experience necessary to achieve this significant designation. Our IA professionals are recognized as subject matter experts throughout the USN and USMC and we look forward to continuing to provide premier information security support services to our clients."

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