Smartronix Announces Contract Modification for Base Site and Expeditionary (BAS&E) Planning Tool

California, Maryland - 15 February 2006 – Smartronix, Inc. announces a contract modification award extending the period of performance for the Base Site and Expeditionary (BaS&E) Planning Tool software development project for HQ OSSG at Maxwell AFB/Gunter annex in Montgomery, Alabama. This contract modification incorporates development of the remaining three modules (Access, Collect, and Enable) into the existing BaS&E Tool Suite.

The Access module's primary function is to regulate access to the BaS&E Planning Tool via establishing roles and privileges to all users of the application. It will provide capability for Administrators to assign application roles and privileges to BaS&E users.

The Collect module will provide users with the capability to accomplish data collection associated with site surveys. These site surveys are used by logistics planners to make force beddown and force sustainment decisions. Users will have the ability to utilize a set of standard questions online or via hand-held device or laptop to collect site information and post the results to the BaS&E database.

The Enable module provides users with an automatically assembled playbook and forms the dashboard function of the BaS&E Planning Tool. Utilizing information from the Locate and Assess modules, planners now have a single launch point to view and navigate information associated with executed and working operations.