Smartronix Awarded Purchase Order to support USSOCOM Data Center Services Support Contract

Stafford, VA – 15 June 2011 – Smartronix announces that Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services issued Smartronix a purchase order to support the four-year $68M USSOCOM Special Operations Forces Information Technology Enterprise Contracts (SITEC) Data Center Services Support Contract. This purchase order has a one-year performance period and an estimated value of $2.7 million.

USSOCOM requires the services of a highly qualified IT Data Center service provider with the skills and experience to provide enterprise-wide server and storage support for provisioning, operating, administering, troubleshooting, repairing, and managing all aspects of USSOCOM’s centrally and remotely located servers and storage.

The USSOCOM Enterprise and Component Command servers and storage include all development, test, and production application servers. Also included are Web portal, database, middleware, Internet/intranet, e-mail/collaboration, DNS, proxy, and file/print servers; SAN storage arrays, Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, other data storage systems; all server and storage related information assurance activities; and all hardware and software tools and utilities used to manage the data center resources and other technology.

Smartronix' Vice President of Joint Programs, Brian Hurley, said "This is a critical win and as part of the HP Team, we look forward to supporting our Special Operations Forces with Data Center services. Special Operations evolving mission sets form a difficult information sharing reality with data residing on and transiting through a variety of systems under varying security criteria and we are absolutely prepared for the challenge."