Smartronix Awarded Contract to Support Headquarters Air Mobility Cmd Office of the Cmd Surgeon General

California, Maryland - 16 December 2008 – Smartronix has been awarded a three-year contract to support the Medical Information Technology and Composite Health Care System’s (CHCS) database services for the Air Mobility Command, Office of the Command Surgeon (AMC/SG). Smartronix will provide a wide spectrum of technical services including: information systems, information systems security, software and database development, CHCS database administration, and clinical data quality analysis. The services are in direct support of AMC’s 12 medical treatment facilities located at Air Force bases in Charleston, South Carolina; Dover, Delaware; McGuire, New Jersey; Pope, North Carolina; Scott, Illinois; Travis, California; MacDill, Florida; Grand Forks, North Dakota; McChord and Fairchild, Washington; McConnell, Kansas; Andrews, Maryland: Little Rock, Arkansas as well as AMC’s worldwide Aero-Medical Evacuation mission. This ongoing effort aids in providing AMC with world-class medical information technology solutions and support services designed to improve clinical healthcare operations for AMC’s 500,000 beneficiaries and enroute patient evacuation services.

"This award reaffirms our commitment to providing quality assured solutions while implementing essential frameworks necessary for long-term solutions" says Smartronix Chief Executive Officer, John Parris. As the need to improve data quality and analysis arose, Smartronix turned to a staff of highly qualified engineers to evaluate and implement a solution. As a resulting effort, Smartronix new policies and business processes will be developed that will significantly reduce safety risks associated with current patient identity, registration errors, and discrepancies within patient data records.