Smartronix Introduces New Linkcheck Product to Test Ethernet Connections

California, Maryland - 16 October 2006 – The Smartronix Engineering Solutions Group has introduced a new product for commercial sale called LinkCheck. It is a battery- powered (battery included) Network Test Tool that can be used to test for the presence and speed of standard RJ45 10Mb or 100Mb Ethernet connections. With the push of a button, the unit will indicate connection status using three easily readable LEDs located on the face of the device. Keeping with the highly successful line of SuperLoopers, Smartronix has made the new product to be attractive, easy to use, and conveniently sized. The light blue molded plastic case makes it a durable and rugged product that will hold up to frequent use.

LinkCheck retails for $39.95 and can be purchased through the Smartronix Website or via a number of online resellers, including ThinkGeek.