Smartronix Awarded Enterprise CHCS/AHLTA Data Quality Support Program

California, Maryland – February 17, 2009 - Smartronix has been awarded a contract to support medical data quality efforts for the Air Force Medical Services (AFMS). As part of a multi-functional team, Smartronix will analyze and interpret data from the Composite Health Care System (CHCS)/ Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA), baseline current system status, identify improvement areas, perform patient record file clean up, and provide assistance to AFMS in establishing policies and procedures related to medical data quality.

Under this effort, Smartronix will leverage its extensive subject matter expertise in supporting similar successful medical data quality efforts with on-going support of the Air Mobility Command’s CHCS Data Quality Model. Advanced technical and administrative support are included, to ensure the data quality of Air Force medical systems remain consistent with Health Affairs, Major Command, and Military Treatment Facility directives. This effort will also entail efforts to draft business rules for guidance and standardization, develop training guides to aid in correcting identified data errors, and provide on-site technical assistance to process owners for various data elements contained with CHCS.

Smartronix identified a focused effort in the area of Data Quality and Analysis Support to provide critical quality assurance, corrective action and data management, software development, training and reporting on patient medical records and other specialized data management services within Air Force medical systems. Support will include assisting the Air Force in identifying and implementing the essential framework necessary for supporting and sustaining the CHCS’s registration, identity, and data quality program long-term. Mission imperative and key elements of this tasking will help in identifying an enterprise technical solution, new policies and business process, while concurrently reducing the safety risks associated with current patient identity, registration errors and discrepancies within patient data records.

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