Smartronix Awarded GCSS-MC Systems Integration Contract

Hollywood, Maryland – 17 March, 2009 – Smartronix received an award from prime contractor Oracle Corporation in support of the Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC) Program of Record. Initial tasking includes the design and development of two variants required for deployed operations in support of GCSS-MC communications.

Smartronix is scheduled to deliver both variants in November 2009 for formal testing; consisting of one large ISO certified container and two smaller transit case versions. The larger container is intended for use by the Marine Expeditionary Forces (MEF) while the smaller will be used primarily by the Marine Expeditionary Units (MEUs). Each is considered a First Article (prototype) and will require extensive testing prior to final design acceptance. Specifically, this effort will integrate all communication requirements for NIPRNET and SIPRNET connectivity in support of the Marine Corps Logistics Command and Control (LOG C2) requirement for deployable planning and execution tools. This capability has been designed to operate in a fully redundant environment with the development of a Disaster Recovery (DR) unit to be built upon final approval of prototype. This award culminates approximately two years of effort in collaboration between, Oracle Corporation, and the Marine Corps. Systems integration will be performed at the new Smartronix corporate headquarters located in Hollywood, MD.

When asked about the significance of this award, Rob Baker, Vice President said "Smartronix is committed to providing products and services that exceed our customer's expectations. Our engineers are recognized as subject matter experts throughout the Marine Corps and we look forward to continuing to delivering high quality solutions to our clients."