Steve Gaudreau Named Smartronix Director for Client Relations and Advocacy

Hollywood, Maryland - 19 January 2010 – Smartronix is pleased to announce that Steve Gaudreau has been named as the Company’s new Director for Client Relations and Advocacy.

Steve joined Smartronix in 2001 as the Program Manager, and subsequently, the Director of the Marine Corps Program after retiring from the United States Marine Corps as a Lieutenant Colonel. The Marine Corps Program involves a broad range of Information and Technology services and product delivery that supports Marine Expeditionary Forces, Marine Corps Headquarters C4, Marine Corps Systems Command, Marine Corps Logistics Command and the Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center in locations such as Quantico, VA; Camp Lejeune, NC; Albany, GA; Washington, DC; Barstow, CA; Okinawa, Japan. During Steve’s tenure, he sustained programmatic continuity and achieved growth in his areas of responsibility and is credited for his strong client focused relationships which greatly contributed to the success of both clients and Smartronix.

As the Director for Client Relations and Advocacy, Steve will serve as the principal independent corporate liaison between Smartronix’ client base, business units, and management. His charter is to focus on client support, advocacy, and satisfaction which will assist Smartronix in assuring the mission of its clients. The creation of the position demonstrates Smartronix’ commitment to its ISO 9001:2008 certification and its pledge of "continuous improvement through continuous assessment".