Smartronix Announces the Opening of their Maui Data Center

Hollywood, Maryland – 19 June 2014 – Smartronix announced the availability of their new data center, created to meet a growing demand for Cloud-based IT services. The data center is located on the Island of Maui, HI in the Maui Research & Technology Park and is part of a strategic investment the company has made in the Pacific Region.  The VSphere-based private cloud ecosystem showcases multi-vendor enterprise technologies and capabilities while serving as a production research and development environment to support the needs of the Pacific Region.

 "The data center has been built on a vision of providing robust advanced technology capabilities for customer requirements, strategic relationships, and partner engagements; and it was designed to support the growing IT needs of private sector, Federal agency, and Department of Defense organizations in the Pacific Region," said Brian Brown, Smartronix Vice President of Health IT.

The Maui Lab provides customers with a self-service, on-demand private cloud infrastructure, incorporating the efficiency of bare metal and elasticity of virtual servers, storage, and networking.  Smartronix teamed with several leading technology vendors to provide enterprise-grade hardware, software, and advanced modeling and simulation capabilities to provide users with an environment to build, test, develop, and deploy to a variety of environments. The lab also provides customers the ability to create and access public, private, and hybrid cloud environments capable of supporting the most demanding requirements. The lab's initial catalog of service includes infrastructure as a service; self-service test and development sandboxes; SSL/VPN connectivity for remote users; Fine Grain Security settings and management; basic and secured VMs for OS, network, database and mobile platforms; extensive network and application simulation; health information exchange and electronic health record systems and interfaces; and a large array of physical infrastructure to support LAN/WAN topology test and evaluation.

Contact :: David D. MacRae, EVP of Business Intelligence & Operations 
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