Smartronix Partners with LizardTech, enabling the Air Force Streamline Access to Critical Imagery Data

Shalimar, Florida 19 March 2009 – Smartronix has partnered with LizardTech, a division of Calartem to implement a quicker, easier solution for managing and distributing digital imagery to U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). Smartronix was tasked to provide AFSOC with an integrated and rapid solution set to deliver critical imagery to support war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In support of the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, AFSOC was providing imagery data to field war fighters. Previous processes for storing and serving imagery were experiencing delays typically in excess of three months to complete from image acquisition to deployment. Smartronix’ engineers, in working with LizardTech’s Express Software were able to compress imagery and implement valuable time saving processes and push critical imagery to the field in less than three weeks, four and a half times faster than before. Storage requirements dropped from Terabytes to Gigabytes, which lowered equipment cost, enabled a smaller footprint, and saved the client substantial man-hours.

According to CEO John Parris, “Providing mission improvement to our warfighters is one of our company’s main goals. The successful collaboration with LizardTech is another example of seeking smart solutions for our clients’ needs."