Smartronix Acquires Exclusive License to Avaya’s Radio over Internet Protocol Software

Hollywood, MD – 21 January 2011 – Smartronix has been granted exclusive license to Avaya’s Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) software within all government markets. This software provides enhanced communications between military units by converging voice, text messaging, email over RF (via DISA’s PDA-184), and remote radio configuration control capability into a single standalone network appliance. Avaya’s RoIP software is the heart of Voice over IP VICOM systems currently in use with the United States Military Special Operations and conventional forces.

Communications operators for maneuver units and Special Operational Forces (SOF) are often required to patch voice from phones, networked clients, and radios into a single audio channel or conference. In addition, they need to use a computer network to remotely reconfigure military radios to operate on different frequencies and settings and the ability to share expensive radio data controllers as network assets in an effort to maximize the efficiency of sending data over radio links. The Avaya RoIP software provides a scalable, interoperable communications system that does not require complex information technology support or administration. In addition, the software provides an increased reach back capability to the military commander in both asset sharing and control which maximizes their mission success.

"In a time of decreasing budgets this product can extend the life of legacy military and land mobile radios while offering interoperability with state of the art radios and cell phones.", says Alan Parris, Smartronix Executive Vice President for Engineering Solutions. "This technology enhances our position in providing a total hardware and software solution for communication interoperability while helping our armed forces maintain their communications advantage in the field."