Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer and Delegate John Bohanan Visit Smartronix

California, MD – 21 October 2008 – Congressman Hoyer and Delegate Bohanan visited the Smartronix corporate office and briefed the standing room only crowd of Smartronix employees. Congressman Hoyer spoke of his commitment to fostering economic growth in Southern Maryland. He also expressed his personal appreciation to businesses such as Smartronix that are locally grown and that continue to thrive in Southern Maryland and create opportunities for its residents.

"Economic times may be getting tough, but each one of you plays a vital role in the safety and success of our esteemed fighting forces" said Congressman Hoyer. LtGen Robert Shea (USMC, Ret.), Smartronix’ EVP of Corporate Strategy and Solutions, was in attendance for the briefings as well. When asked about the visit with Congressman Hoyer, Mr. Shea said, "Smartronix is honored to host the House Majority Leader in the 110th Congress and pleased that Smartronix employees have the opportunity to speak with the Congressman in a very comfortable and jovial setting while hearing his thoughts regarding the nation and the local area."

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