Smartronix Recognizes Launch of 2.0

Hollywood, MD – 28 September 2009 – Smartronix is proud to announce its support of the launch of 2.0, a user friendly and technologically advanced Web site committed to improving government transparency to the American public.

As the prime contractor on 2.0, Smartronix assembled a skilled team of partners that rebuilt the site’s information, network, and security architectures in only ten weeks. Working closely with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, Smartronix will continue to refine and improve the Web site over the next three years. Team Smartronix is comprised of Synteractive, TMP Government, and KPMG, and the Web site features technology from industry-leading vendors like Microsoft, Cisco, F5, Business Objects, Amazon Web Services, and ESRI.

" 2.0 was developed to support the interests of users ranging from the casual citizen observer to government watchdogs, and as the site is updated with even more features, these users will be pleased by the wealth of Federal spending data that’s literally at their fingertips, and accessible in a myriad of ways," says Smartronix CTO Robert Groat.

Significant advancements include the addition of geospatial mapping and analysis capabilities, which let users explore stimulus expenditures on a state, county, congressional district, or zip code basis. "This new capability gives the public a greater understanding of the expenditures in their neighborhood. However, this required aggregating thousands of Federal data points from multiple sources, and that was a major challenge," says Groat. "That it was achieved in only ten weeks is a huge accomplishment and is indicative of how rapidly the Team can add new functionality." 2.0 not only provides an easy to use and transparent way for people to track federal stimulus dollars, but it also takes full advantage of next-generation web, cloud and social media technologies.