Smartronix, Inc. Acquires Wyle’s Telemetry and Data Systems Business Unit

Hollywood, MD – 29 July 2013 -
Smartronix, Inc. Acquires Wyle’s Telemetry and Data Systems Business Unit

Smartronix announced today it has acquired the Telemetry and Data Systems Business Unit of El Segundo, California-based Wyle, a leading provider of aerospace engineering and IT services to the Federal Government.

"This acquisition creates some exciting new opportunities to strategically springboard into expanding markets in manned and unmanned aerospace," said Steven Eastburg, Smartronix’ Executive Vice President of Engineering Solutions. "These are markets that have key business appeal to Smartronix and fortuitously promote the innovation and diversification objectives of the region’s Southern Maryland 2020 vision." Telemetry and Data Systems’ facilities will remain in Southern Maryland and will integrate with the Smartronix’ Products Engineering Business Unit headquartered in Hollywood, Maryland.

"We are pleased with Smartronix as the acquirer of Telemetry and Data Systems," said Roger Wiederkehr, Wyle’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "Smartronix is an innovative company with deep industry knowledge and in-depth experience in global and complex enterprise environments and rapid, mission-critical engineering capabilities. The combination of Wyle’s Telemetry and Data Systems operations with Smartronix will provide their customers with access to industry-leading data processing equipment and resources."

The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

Telemetry and Data Systems is a producer of telemetry data processing equipment and has delivered more than 2,000 integrated data processing solutions to hundreds of different aerospace programs during the past 20-plus years, such as the F-35, NASA Space Shuttle, F-16, F-15, F-18, and Hubble Telescope programs. The business’ systems and applications include RF receivers, data recorders/reproducers, data processors, data processing software, and data mining software.

Wyle is a leading provider of high-tech aerospace engineering and IT services to the Federal Government; provides test and evaluation of aircraft, weapon systems, networks, and other Government assets; and provides other engineering services to the aerospace, defense, and nuclear power industries. For more information, please go to

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