​​​​AAFES is a multiple award/IDIQ contract for discovery, design, and implementation services for future Information Technology (IT) software/application development work. The scope of this procurement will allow the Exchange to award IDIQ contracts to qualified suppliers who will provide support in assessing various Exchange systems and applications. The work may be for extended application use, upgrades, and/or transitioning to new applications in support of the Exchange Information Technology software deployment needs. The Exchange will not be procuring software or hardware under this procurement.


    • Minimum of 10 years experience with discovery, design, develop, validate, implementation, and transition services

    • Superiority of all phases of the software development life cycle

    • Ability to provide solution discovery, application research and documentation services

    • Documented experience delivering software solutions to a retail, financial, and/or Government entities


    ​Contract Name:​

    ​Army & Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) Discovery, Design, & Implementation Services

    ​Contract Type:  

    ​Multiple Award Contract (MAC) 

    ​Contract Number:


    ​Agency Service Fee:


    ​IT Solutions: 

    ​Discovery, Design, & Implementation Services at HQ AAFES, Dallas Texas

    ​Contract Type Supported:               

    ​Firm Fixed Price (FFP) or Time & Materials (T&M)​



    ​Discount Offered:

    ​Applicable at time of delivery order competition

    ​Period of Performance:  

    ​16 year contract period:  10 base year + two - three year options

    Teaming Partners:

    ​ To be added on a Per DO basis


    ​ 96-509-1606

    ​Payment Terms:                

    ​Prompt Payment: Net 30 days