ASTRO is designed to be a total solution vehicle with a scope including operations, maintenance, readiness, research, development, systems integration, as well as services and support for manned, unmanned, and optionally manned platforms and/or robotics.

Contract Type: IDIQ
Sponsor: U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
Contract Number: Data Operations Pool: Contract #: 47QFCA22D0032
Aviation Pool: Contract #: 47QFCA22D0141
Space Pool: Contract #: 47QFCA22D0223
Development / Systems Integration Pool: Contract #: 47QFCA22D0339
Research and Development: Contract #: 47QFCA22D0389
Support Pool: Contract #: 47QFCA22D0437
Agency Service Fee: No Contract Access Fee (CAF). Only FEDSIM and GSA Assisted Services can issue Task Orders so there is no fee. No direct orders allowed.
Solutions: For use by all federal agencies; Commercial and non-commercial requirements; Allows for ancillary support to include Information Technology requirements
Contract Types Supported: Supports various task order contract types: Fixed Price; Cost Reimbursement (all types); Time & Materials and Labor Hour
Discount Offered (per TO): Applicable at time of task order competition.
Performance Period: 10 year (5 year base and one 5 option period):
5 year base November 15, 2021 - November 14, 2026
Option Period November 14, 2026 - November 14, 2031
Teaming Partners: To be added on a per TO basis.
Ceiling: Unlimited
DUNS #: 96-509-1606
Cage Code: 03MT8
Payment Terms: Prompt Payment: Net 30 days

ASTRO may be used to provide a total solution for any organization's requirement in any of the identified ASTRO Domains. Smartronix was awarded all six domain pools that were bid. The following provides the awarded pools and associated capabilities:

  • Data Operations Pool: Performance of Data Operations including all data collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination activities associated with manned, unmanned, and optionally manned platforms and robotics supporting mission performance. This includes traditional labor services as well as "as a service" support.

  • Aviation Pool: Maintenance, repair, and overhaul of manned, optionally manned, and unmanned aircraft.

  • Space Pool: Maintenance, repair, and overhaul of manned, optionally manned, and unmanned space platforms.

  • Development / Systems Integration Pool: Systems integration, improvement, and/or engineering associated with manned, unmanned, and optionally manned platforms.

  • Research and Development: Research and development associated with manned, unmanned, optionally manned, and counter UxS systems and platforms for land, air, sea, or space.

  • Support Pool: Support services (except training) required for successful execution of a resulting product, program, project, or process regarding platforms and robotics for land, air, sea, or space; the planning necessary to support operational missions; and the analysis of the results of an operational mission.

Smartronix Program Manager
Carlton Gayles
571-437-2307 (Mobile)

Smartronix Contract Administrator
Bethany Creger
301-373-6000 (Office)
540-312-5964 (Mobile)