Smartronix Mission/Quality Policy is the foundation of our Quality Management System

Quality Management System

As an ISO 9001, 20000, 27001 certified company with a CMMI-SVC Maturity Level 3 appraisal rating, Smartronix has established a Quality Management System (QMS) which emphasizes our commitment to consistently provide services that meet client and applicable regulatory requirements while enhancing customer satisfaction. Recognizing the importance of creating a quality focused environment Smartronix' approach to implementing its QMS has been to "lead by example." Executive Management has been and continues to be intricately involved in the development, implementation, and continual improvement of the QMS.

Smartronix' QMS identifies the general policies, processes, and procedures necessary to manage high volume, multiple contract type task orders for large, diversified teams in such a way that will enable our clients to accomplish their mission objectives. The Smartronix' QMS specifically serves as an enabler for effective, predictive management of all contracts/task orders by ensuring that the requirements for each are consistently tracked, communicated, and attained.

Smartronix maintains a core business philosophy of "sustained excellence through Quality Management and Continuous Improvement."

Smartronix' QMS is founded on its long-time motto of "sustained excellence through continuous improvement." Building on this foundation, Smartronix adopted a quality policy which advocates a commitment to meet and/or exceed customer expectations by: enhancing company reputation and recognition, attracting and retaining quality professionals, earning a high degree of client loyalty, increasing and diversifying our business base, and continually improving the way we do business.

Smartronix' close-knit client relationships foster an atmosphere in which client satisfaction is easily monitored via informal day-to-day client interactions. However, Smartronix also recognizes the importance of adhering to a structured quality control system that ensures objective insight into the quality of processes and associated work products. Therefore, Smartronix has established an Internal Audit process and schedule based on the prominence of the areas to be audited as well as the results of previous audits. At a minimum, each process area and business unit are audited by a member of the Corporate Internal Audit Team on an annual basis. The results of internal audits are formally documented in an internal audit report which is provided to the auditees and appropriate business unit/departmental managers.

Smartronix further promotes process and product quality assurance through a variety of activities, which are integrated within the Smartronix team of subcontractors, such as: program reviews, monthly status reports, and integrated project team reviews. The application of these activities serve as the catalyst for repeatable task success, systemic process improvement, and ultimately, long-lasting successful and rewarding Smartronix/Client partnerships.

It is with that premise in mind, that Smartronix requires the Quality Assurance notification and/or ​completion of a Corrective, Preventive, and Improvement (CPI) Action Request by any individual receiving a formal customer complaint. CPI Action Requests are also originated as a result of any non-conformances identified by an audit; inadequate or invalid QMS documentation; negative trends; interdepartmental/project issues; repetitive problems; potential problems; and opportunities for improvement. CPI Action Requests are forwarded to QA who is responsible for logging the request, assigning it to the appropriate manager, monitoring its status (including escalating to a higher level of management when necessary), evaluating actions taken for effectiveness, and tracking to closure.

Lastly, Smartronix is committed to improving the content and quality of our products and services by working with our clients​ to determine Acceptable Quality levels (AQLs) or metrics that are tracked on a continual basis.

We understand that meeting our client's quality expectations requires that we understand our clients requirements and how we can meet those requirements on time and within budget;and are committed to doing just that.​

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