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 Telemetry and Data Systems

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PC based telemetry data processor 25+ years ago.  Since then, the TDS offering has grown to include the most feature rich ground based data processing and recording systems in the world for use in all data processing applications.  Our current capabilities include:

OMEGA NExT Real Time DataOMEGA NExT Real Time Data
Processing Software
OMEGA NExT Real Time Data Processing SoftwareIn page navigation
IMUX G2 Recorder/ReproducerIMUX G2 Recorder/Reproducer
IMUX G2 Recorder/ReproducerIn page navigation
Series 5000 and X-5000 DataSeries 5000 and X-5000 Data
Series 5000 and X-5000 Data ProcessorsIn page navigation
PCM Data Brick Portable DataPCM Data Brick Portable Data
PCM Data Brick Portable Data ProcessorIn page navigation
RF Receiver BrickRF Receiver Brick
RF Receiver BrickIn page navigation
RF Receivers and CombinersRF Receivers and Combiners
RF Receivers and CombinersIn page navigation
OMEGA Data Environment (ODE)OMEGA Data Environment (ODE)
OMEGA Data Environment (ODE)In page navigation
Best Source Selector/Best DataBest Source Selector/Best Data
Engine (BDE)
Best Source Selector/Best Data Engine (BDE)In page navigation
Bit SynchronizersBit Synchronizers
Bit SynchronizersIn page navigation

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