Program Spotlight: NAVAIR has a clearly stated goal to become a data-driven enterprise; and in pursuit of that goal, Smartronix is helping them to realize their vision of 1) Data sharing that recognizes enterprise ownership of datasets; 2) Curation, conditioning, and acquisition of clean and authoritative data, which serves as a solid basis for actionable analytics; 3) Simultaneous top-down and bottom-up efforts to drive a data transition that is smooth, timely, and lasting; and 4) Coordination of activities and data through instantiation of an enterprise-wide data architecture. Leveraging these principles, Smartronix is developing a new digital integration plan at NAVAIR and currently is working with the NDG office and representative stakeholders from across the Command to prioritize a set of actions at the strategic and tactical level to drive improvements at the data level. Efforts under this project are influencing the Joint Simulation Environment (JSE), the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) discipline, and capabilities-based acquisition.

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