Cloud Security and Compliance for Public Sector
Accelerating Your Software to Production for the Government Marketplace

The Smartronix Accreditation Accelerator Service provides the certification path your software needs to work with Government organizations. Leveraging our proven methodology, our Cloud Assured team can design and implement compliant security requirements to reduce risk and achieve the certifications you need to operate in the Federal Government marketplace more quickly.

Accelerated Benefits

Smartronix goes beyond providing consulting, FedRAMP compliant environment templates, tools, and security expertise. While these are part of our solution, the Smartronix Accreditation Accelerator Service combines our audited Cloud Assured Managed Services (CAMSTM) platform with the audited controls provided by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to supplement your application’s security and compliance packages. Just as you have come to enjoy removing undifferentiated heavy lifting by having your CSP run infrastructure at scale, Smartronix accelerates your preparation and planning toward achieving authorization of your services. This reduces the time to market, scope of process, service and documentation development, and audits for your organization.

The Smartronix Solution Advantage

The Smartronix team understands the challenges associated with compliance and that customers have very specific needs. Our Accreditation Accelerator Service is proven to provide the appropriate tooling, templates, and knowledge for a tailored, best-fit solution that accelerates your timeline to the Federal Government market.

The Smartronix Accreditation Accelerator Service was developed to help customers:

  • Accelerate time to 3PAO (Third Party Assessment Organization) audit
  • Achieve 3PAO authorization
  • Attain and maintain FedRAMP approved authorization

Smartronix Cloud Assured solutions allow our customers to leverage the power and scalability of cloud platforms, while reducing the cost and complexity of managing and monitoring cloud infrastructures and applications in-house. Our certified experts provide customer assistance and complete management of services from provisioning through the entire solution life-cycle.

Let us help you save time, reduce cost, eliminate confusion and frustration, and free your internal resources to solve other challenges.

For more information, please contact a Smartronix Cloud Assured Account Manager. | 703-435-3322