Create a Low-Risk Strategy to Transform, Modernize, and Cloud-Enable Your Business with the Smartronix FAST (Foundational, Agile, Strategic, Transformation) Program

No company wants to be disrupted by competitors that use technology to be more agile and innovate faster. Traditional corporate organizational structures and legacy IT infrastructures are simply too slow and inflexible to keep up. To be competitive in today's digitally-enabled world, you need to re-architect your organization and IT infrastructure so the business can deliver superior customer experience. Continuing to do business as usual is not an option. Failing to modernize or approaching modernization without a thoughtful strategy can lead to failure.

Transforming your organization, business processes, and the way IT services are delivered is a major undertaking as it impacts the entire value chain. For many, the migration to cloud often begins as small pilot programs. These pilot programs tend to sprawl over time, often introducing competing technologies into the company's IT landscape. As a result, IT organizations end up trying to corral shadow IT activity rather than innovating and adding value. In addition, foundational elements necessary for long term viability are often overshadowed by early pilot project success and not properly addressed. This can potentially leave critical gaps in business goals, strategy, operations, governance, and security. An enterprise-wide well thought out strategy to business and technology modernization is a key to succeeding today and in the future.

Build an Effective Business and Technology Transformation Strategy with the Smartronix Fast Program

Modernization is more than simply moving your infrastructure and apps into the cloud. Success is measured on your ability to leverage technological and organizational change to innovate faster, engage with customers more effectively, and operate more efficiently. The FAST (Foundational Agile Strategic Transformation) program helps your organization perform high-level introspection, assessment, analysis, and blueprinting to create a detailed roadmap for business and digital transformation.

FAST uncovers and addresses gaps in your business goals, strategy, operations, governance, and security to provide a detailed roadmap to efficiently execute the transformation process across people, processes, technology, and corporate culture. FAST uses Agile best practices combined with a comprehensive choice of activities and deliverables. This modular approach enables you to configure the program with just the components you need based on where you are on the cloud maturity curve and transformation lifecycle.

Because business modernization is more than just transforming your technology stack, FAST is more than just a technical solution. It identifies both technical and organizational challenges and provides a path for addressing these challenges. The process also uses an end-to-end approach to eliminate silos, gaps, and pain points, as well as develop a prioritized set of initiatives.

The 3 Phases of the Smartronix Fast Program

FAST Groundwork Groundwork

Smartronix Cloud Assured consultants work with your team to clarify your business problems and strategic objectives. Depending on where you are in the business and technology transformation process, they collaborate with you to develop or modify, and validate your strategy by creating a vision and a set of core guiding principles. These deliverables help ensure the right business objectives and operational requirements are addressed in subsequent phases of the process.

FAST Foundation Foundation

Building the underpinnings for an effective design and implementation plan starts with an enterprise-level gap analysis to determine which foundational components need to be changed and what new components need to be added to execute your strategy. Smartronix also reviews the organizational challenges you are facing to develop a change-management strategy and roadmap. In addition, Smartronix helps you build a team that is responsible for establishing and executing the cloud strategy, governance, and best practices that the rest of the organization will use to transform the business.

FAST Blueprint Blueprint

Once a firm foundation is established, Smartronix will create an integrated business strategy approach which will include a transformation roadmap, foundational architecture, and operations framework. Finally, the team generates a prioritized sequence of initiatives based on benefits, costs, dependencies, complexity, and the overall implementation timeline.

Smartronix is a Trusted Cloud Partner

Get help from cloud experts. Let us help you minimize risk and disruption as you migrate to the cloud and grow your internal cloud expertise. The Smartronix Cloud Assured Team is staffed with highly trained AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform-certified cloud architects and data engineers, as well as domain experts in a wide variety of highly regulated industries and government services.

Build an effective plan. The Smartronix Cloud Assured Team has extensive expertise in architecture, design, planning, and optimization of private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. We work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your staff capabilities, security policies and procedures, governance and operational models, current operational issues, upcoming project plans, and infrastructure capabilities. The combination of this understanding and 10 years of expertise in building secure, cloud-based solutions for government and commercial organizations enables us to build a comprehensive plan to help you modernize your business practices and use of technology.

Migrate to the cloud with confidence. The Smartronix FAST program uses a multi-phase process to help your organization leverage cloud to its fullest potential, regardless of where you are in the cloud life cycle. The program combines education, assessment, envisioning, prioritization, and engineering efforts to create a high-confidence, low-risk strategy for evolving or migrating business applications, workloads, or your entire organization to cloud-enabled services.



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