Challenge: An independent regulatory agency of the U.S. Government wanted to migrate their public-facing portal and mission critical application workloads to AWS. Their applications are critical to the operation of U.S. financial markets and required expert solutioning and engineering to support the highest levels of performance, availability, and security. The ability to ingest, store, process, transform, and analyze data securely from multiple internal and external data sources was required. Both the portal and the application migration needed to include support for Authority to Operator activities and an architectural review of key shared service and security mandates.

Solution: Smartronix, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, designed and built the infrastructure, security, and privacy framework that supported secure data storage and message exchanging across critical workload components while ensuring strict adherence and alignment to data security, data privacy, and technology controls for the Agency. 

The Smartronix-led team implemented an automation catalog for repeatable services based on DevSecOps methodologies. The final solution was built using almost entirely native and serverless capabilities to reduce reliance on static infrastructure and alleviate operational and security management burdens. The team also implemented a cloud native release and deployment management capability and automated security and compliance governance using AWS services. As a final component, the team implemented a framework for state management using automatic detection and potential remediation for configuration, security group modifications, and tagging.

Through the adoption of a DevSecOps approach and the adoption of cloud native services, the Smartronix-led team was able to refactor the Agency's workloads to reduce computing costs by tenfold and diminished processing times for critical jobs from 12 hours down to a matter of minutes. Smartronix continues to provide 24x7x365 incident response for the mission critical application. Follow-on projects included other assessments and services and culminated in the award of a multi-cloud strategic assessment that will modernize how the Agency conducts their mission and executes their supporting IT activities.

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