Challenge: A large, U.S. based life sciences technology company required security and compliance expertise to meet regulatory requirements and ensure protection of their combined AWS and on-premises infrastructure.

Solution: The organization selected Smartronix, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to provide Security and Regulatory Compliance Advisory (SRCA) and Enhanced Log Aggregation and Analysis (ELAA) services. Smartronix' SRCA service utilizes Global Intelligence for security and threat analytics to provide clients with guidance on regulatory requirements and recommends mitigation of threats that have the potential to impact client-specific environments as they appear and evolve. Smartronix' ELAA services compliment these requirements by capturing and aggregating all events, logs, audit records and monitoring information generated by operating systems, platform services, network components, applications, and other infrastructure. The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities of this service enables advanced monitoring, filtering, searching, and analytics. Key events within the environment trigger defined alerts and notifications to initiate incident response or further analysis. Smartronix leverages AWS and a number of other leading technology tools to provide richer incident information on events detected through the use of our ELAA service. Our Cloud Assured team continues to provide industry-leading SRCA and ELAA services to support the customer's requirements and ensure ongoing protection of their resources from critical threats.

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