Challenge: State of West Virginia - Department of Workforce Call Center Modernization

Solution: During these unprecedented times caused by the pandemic, individuals are understandably calling their state's workforce and labor agencies in large numbers, overwhelming phone systems and call centers. In West Virginia, the Department of Workforce (Workforce West VA - the organization that oversees the state's unemployment insurance program) wrestled with their call center operations to keep up with the spike in call volume. Workforce West VA turned to Smartronix to modernize their contact center. Understanding the agency's need for a secure, reliable, and scalable modern contact center, Smartronix deployed Amazon Connect, an omnichannel cloud contact center. Our Cloud Assured team created and implemented the contact center within 72 hours and on day one of operation, 98.7% of calls were answered. This solution was implemented without additional investment in on-premises hardware and quickly led to a modern, digital contact center system that sits at the core of the workflow and can be integrated with other key services. Our customer was able to greatly improve their customer service, increase operational efficiency, and gain valuable insight in record time. The Smartronix Cloud Assured team provides The State of West Virginia with 24x7x365, SLA-driven, managed services support capabilities that are designed to meet international security, data sovereignty, and state privacy mandates. Learn More

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