Smartronix is an award-winning cloud solutions provider with Premier Partner status in all three hyperscaler cloud platforms (AWS, Microsoft® Azure, Google Cloud) and has achieved authority to operate one of DoD's first Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Impact Level-6 (IL-6) classified cloud-hosted environments. Our ability to deliver cloud-native solutions allows us to provide vendor-agnostic advanced data analytics. We create unique solutions, proven in DoD and commercial environments, leveraging our cloud expertise to empower customers with rapidly deployed, right-sized, scalable solutions and data networks to fit specific and unique needs and missions.

Real-time data streams and advanced edge computing environments have transformed data movement from a model of collection-storage-retrieval to instantaneous decision analytics reinforced by accessible models, tools, and AI/ML algorithms. Cloud hosting enables speed and off-loading of critical infrastructure and provides access to world-class data models and analytics tools. Rather than locking customers into single vendors, licenses, and software platforms, cloud environments support subscription-style services that enable nodal access to hundreds of mission-appropriate applications and models. This relieves the management, configuration, and security burdens of traditional architectures. For edge assets, cloud architecture enables localized computing and processing resources for time-sensitive, tailored solutions to customers who are unable to maintain continuous connectivity to centralized, mission-critical repositories.