In support of the NAE, to increase mission-ready aircraft on the flight line (for both Navy and Marine Corps platforms), Smartronix and HBM Prenscia (partnered with NAWCAD) are designing Naval aviation's first enterprise-wide Common Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System. The platform leverages more than five legacy logistical databases and allows eight statistical analysis tools to run against this cloud-hosted, aggregate dataset. NAE now has the power to identify reliability degraders and decrease unscheduled aircraft maintenance in a consistent, repeatable fashion. The digital platform combines terabytes of data that the toolset analyzes to identify chokepoints and failures, revealing systemic supply and part-failure issues, and predicting statistically accurate scheduled maintenance plans. Identical analyses previously required a multi-person team weeks to accomplish. The team can now use its time to investigate the causes of failures, rather than scoring and reconciling data. This analysis capability is critical to the NAE mission and to the success of our warfighters.

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