​​Program Spotlight: The Joint Program Office (JPO) needed to provide Government employees better access to Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) development efforts. As a result of the DoD 'Cloud First' strategy, the Smartronix Team was selected to build the infrastructure, pipelines, security posture, and environment for the JPO. This was the first joint cloud environment with Government control and private business partners. The customer received a viable product within six months and the Smartronix solution laid the groundwork to enable them to support the building of multiple DevSecOps pipelines that will be able to sustain continuous ATO on the software that is built through them. This will include pipelines that enable seven different Government depots, major private companies that build and maintain the F-35, up to 40 small businesses that work supply chain issues for the F-35, and foreign nationals to support their flight systems. This is possible because of the solid infrastructure security plan built by the Team for the total environment.